When making a living means you carry your tools and equipment from site to site, it’s important you have a vehicle that meets your needs. At J&M Welding, we understand the importance of a customized truck and can add the necessary accessories that will make your job easier.

We can fabricate:

  •        Custom Flatbeds
  •        Headache Racks
  •        Lumber Racks/Steel Racks
  •        Custom Tool Boxes
  •        Service Beds / Utility Beds
  •        Ladder Racks
  •        Tool/Equipment Brackets

We only fabricate accessories with top of the line materials, whether steel or aluminum. We first design each component to specifically fit your truck welding. Once everything is assembled, we finish it for durability, with your choice of paint, powder coating, or a chrome mirror shine. If you want to add your logo, we can do that, too.

Bring us your designs or give us an idea of what you need and we’ll design it for you. Our skills and experience mean we know what’s doable and fits the vehicle code as well.

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Call us now to speak to one of our certified fabrication specialists about the unique requirements of your project. We provide upfront estimates, competitive quotes, and a realistic time frame so we can get right to work implementing the perfects rails for you.